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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

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Searching for the Best Nose Surgeon in London?

Dr. Uppal has performed over a thousand nose operations. He is a member of the council of the British Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons. He may be one of the best nose surgeons in the UK and has helped to establish teaching courses for plastic surgeons who wish to learn nose surgery.

The goal of nose reshaping or rhinoplasty is to improve the nose aesthetically (without creating a “surgical” look) in order to create harmony with other facial features. It can make a significant contribution to increasing one’s confidence. Patients wanting to know the price of a nose job in London should appreciate that you get what you pay for.

How Much Does a Nose Job Cost?

The price of a nose job is from £5800 to £9850. If you are looking for one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in London, you may choose Mr Uppal for his proven skills and experience.

How Long is the Recovery from Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is usually performed with general anaesthesia but is also possible under local anaesthetic with sedation. Most patients go home the same day. You should avoid strain for up to six weeks. Every patient is different, but generally you can go back to social activities with no signs of surgery after about three weeks. Dr. Uppal will review your healing process with you!

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Looking for the best nose surgeon?

Key-hole and UltraSonic Rhinoplasty

What’s the difference between closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty?

Most plastic surgeons who do not specialise in nose surgery make a cut under the nose on the skin to perform the surgery. This is called an OPEN rhinoplasty. The Open approach to rhinoplasty is easier to perform than CLOSED rhinoplasty which Dr. Uppal specialises in.

Closed rhinoplasty causes no scars on the face at all. Dr. Uppal has used this type of keyhole surgery for the last 15 years using cuts inside the nose so it’s all hidden. No one will know you have had surgery as there is no scar. The recovery is also much quicker and patients can return to work within 1- 2 weeks depending on the swelling and bruising.

Closed Rhinoplasty is a trained and specialised procedure. Dr. Uppal uses his skills to get you the best results using his techniques and many years of experience. Closed rhinoplasty causes less swelling of the nose and face as well as fewer long-term problems with the nose.

However, when thinking about rhinoplasty, the site of the incision is less important than the actual surgery that’s done. An example would be say a mechanic fixing an engine problem – it’s not how he looks inside your car that matters, but actually what he does when he gets there. A mechanic may open the whole engine of your car (open rhinoplasty) or fix what’s needed without opening up the whole engine unnecessarily. It’s best left to the specialist surgeon such as Dr. Uppal to decide what’s best in your case.

Closed rhinoplasty incisions are made inside the nose in this way where they are invisible. In some rhinoplasty cases however, Dr. Uppal does indeed use the ‘open’ approach with an incision made in the area of skin separating the nostrils. Dr. Uppal will let you know what’s best for you to get the best results. Please do not get fixated on the incision. Rhinoplasty surgeons all over the world get good nose re-shaping results with either technique.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Want to Ask Us Something?

Nose surgery without breaking bones

Mr Uppal can achieve good results without breaking the bones of your nose. This reduces swelling and bruising, meaning that you can return to work much earlier.
To reduce a large bump on the nose, sometimes however certain amounts of bone and cartilage are removed or rearranged to provide a newly shaped nose. If the patient has a deviated septum (cartilage and/or bone causing obstruction inside the nose), septal surgery, called septoplasty, is also performed. The incision is placed entirely inside the nose. The septoplasty removes portions of cartilage and/or bone that are causing the obstruction. The incisions are closed with fine sutures, followed by placement of a splint to the outside of the nose. The splint helps retain the new shape while the nose heals.

There are no packs or bandages put inside the nose.

The nose has very complex anatomy and rhinoplasty requires a surgeon with many years of experience such as Mr Uppal.

Mr Uppal often performs complex rhinoplasty for patients who have had nose surgery in the past but are still unhappy with their nose. He is an expert in the use of cartilage grafts to correct subtle abnormalities of the nose, especially the end of the nose. To learn more about cartilage grafts click here.

Usually no packing is placed inside the nose during surgery but in some cases if used it is removed the next morning following surgery. The nasal splint is usually removed seven days after surgery. At that time, tape is applied to the nose for another seven days and then removed. The majority of the bruising and swelling usually resolve two weeks after surgery. Cold compresses are used to help reduce the bruising and discomfort.

Although discomfort is minimal, pain medication is available if required. Vigorous activity is avoided for four weeks following surgery. Sun exposure and risk of injury must be avoided. If you wear glasses, tape is used to avoid putting stress on the nose.

All surgery has risks as well as benefits and this will be discussed in your consultation. Mr Uppal and his team will show you rhinoplasty before and after photos at your consultation. You can also see nose job or rhinoplasty before and after photos by clicking here. Remember that photos of other patients may have no bearing on the results of surgery to your particular nose as everyone is different.

I have thick skin - what can I do?

Yes we can an offer you a ‘peel’ of your nose skin which will improve large pores and black heads. It re-conditions the nose skin and makes it less shiny. It takes 20 minutes to perform and is like sun burn. The nose may blister or go red for a week before fresh new skin develops which is smooth and clean. This is usually done 4 weeks before rhinoplasty and costs £495.
Even the best nose surgeon in London cannot change the genetic type of your skin but we can certainly optimise it.

How do I find the best nose surgeon in London?

Anyone who is concerned about their nose should look for reviews and see a specialist nose plastic surgeon such as Mr Uppal. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated operations in plastic surgery as it requires great experience and specialist training which Mr Uppal has had. He has worked around the world where he has presented his own work on rhinoplasty and taken part in discussions on nose jobs and rhinoplasty.

Mr Uppal will give you an honest and independent opinion on whether nose surgery will improve the look of your nose or the breathing through the nose. Mr Uppal is skilled in performing precise adjustments to the end of the nose to get the shape that you want. He uses his proven techniques to adjust the small nose tip cartilages shown in the diagram. Or he may recommend a Non surgical nose job; also called a Liquid Nose job.

Key Hole Surgery without scars

Although the best nose surgeons use both the open and closed techniques, trying to avoid scars on the nose is an advantage. Patients with poor support of the end of their nose or very thick skin will require an open approach which results a very small scar under the nose. This will fade in time and scar creams can help too.

rajan uppal rhinoplasty

Who's the best nose surgeon?

Nose job Cost

A full rhinoplasty or nose job price starts from £6500. Cheaper surgery is available abroad and by less experienced surgeons. We need to avoid the fake look above. Don’t go for the cheapest surgery. If you can’t afford nose surgery then it’s better to wait till you can and get a good result first time rather than needing revision.

The old phrase “Buy Cheap, Pay Twice” really applies to rhinoplasty surgery.

The cost of a non-surgical rhinoplasty starts at £1545. This involves an injection of filler or fat taken from your body to improve the shape of your nose. It takes half an hour to perform in the clinic and patients can go back to work the next day. Not all patients can have this type of Rhinoplasty so check with Mr Uppal if this is possible for you. It can be used to make changes to a hump on the nose or to change the end of the nose. Non surgical rhinoplasty can also improve the nose if it is different from one side to the other (asymmetry).

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty starts at £6512 for a mini-rhinoplasty under local anaesthetic. This is for patients who do not want any surgery to the bone part of the nose and can be a quick and effective way of improving the shape of the nose without a full rhinoplasty.

A full rhinoplasty or nose job price starts from £6400 to £9000 depending on complexity. This includes the fee for the surgeon, the anaesthetist, hospital costs, operation theatre costs and 2 follow up consultations with Mr Uppal. This surgery allows changes to be made to any part of the nose if needed including the bone of the nose, nose cartilages and/or the soft parts of the nose. Unlike surgery abroad, the care package includes lifetime review at any time.

A septo-rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty or nose job can start from £7455 as this is much more complex and takes longer. This can improve breathing through the nose. It can also correct problems with the nose after rhinoplasty surgery in the past. Remember rhinoplasty is about improving the shape and function of the nose and perfection is not possible. Mr Uppal may be one of the world’s best nose surgeons but even he cannot deliver unrealistic expectations.


I am Asian – is it harder to make my nose smaller?

Yes. Asian skin and Middle Eastern skin is thick and oily at the end of the nose. There may be lots of black heads too. The thick skin masks improvements that are made to reduce the nose structure. Thick skin also produces more scar tissue. The nose may start out small after surgery but grow over months. There are treatments for this and ways to prevent this. Mr Uppal is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Asian noses so please ask him for details.

What is the expected recovery time from a rhinoplasty?

All operations carry risk but as long as they are done safely by a surgeon with experience and skill such as Mr Uppal, you are unlikely to experience any problems. The main risks are bruising and swelling which everyone gets to some extent and lasts about 1-2 weeks. Most people return to work after 1 week of a nose job. There is some swelling that can last 3-6 months.

Less common risks include tiny abnormal bumps that can be felt by touching the nose. These can develop because the skin, cartilage and bone of the nose are living tissue and grow with time. These subtle bumps are normally not visible and settle after some months as the scars inside the nose start to mature and soften.

Another risk is asymmetry, meaning that the left and right sides of the nose are not a mirror image of each other. Nobody has a mirror image of their nose. In fact, computer studies that create this mirror image result in a very unnatural and deformed looking nose. The shape of the nose can change in the long term. The other risk is that you may not be entirely happy with the appearance of the nose. Part of how we see ourselves is in the mind, as much as it is in the physical body.

How we feel depends on our self esteem and psychological state. This is especially true of rhinoplasty patients who sometimes have high expectations that cannot be achieved by surgery – even by Mr Uppal who is a world expert. We cannot make you look like your favourite movie star or a model. Other risks include temporary numbness, infection, bleeding, scars inside the nose, scars on the outside and breathing problems.
Any complications of surgery will be corrected by Mr Uppal and the team without any surgical fees. Personal wishes to change the shape of the nose further are welcome but need the approval of Mr Uppal and full payment. Revision surgery is not normally considered for at least 6 months after the first surgery.

When I smile my nose gets wider and bends over – can I fix this?

Yes. Please ask Mr Uppal for his techniques to reduce the flaring of the nostrils that occurs when you smile. There are lots of muscles around the nose that change it’s shape when we smile or talk. To get a really good result from surgery, Mr Uppal can improve these changes to the nose that happen when you smile. Patients are then much happier to smile in photos after this procedure.

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