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Female Nurse

Sister on Ward


Alex helps make sure everything is always in working order at Uppal Plastic Surgery and it would just be chaos here without our amazingly reliable Nurse team.


Dina Woolley

Office Manager

I love private medicine. It seemed like a great role to be in and I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and have a can do attitude. I’m very hardworking and open minded and always willing to try new things to ensure I achieve the end results. I enjoyed reading about the dynamics of the role that Uppal Care has to offer and what a fun environment it can be. I enjoy meeting new people and feel I can add value not only to the role, but to the patients and deliver great customer service.

I am a single mum to three self sufficient grown up children.  In my spare time I love to entertain where I enjoy hosting dinner parties and where I found my love for cooking, especially Mediterranean food, which takes me back to my roots and brings back loads of happy memories where there is fun, laughter and love.  I also enjoy running where I run 5km a day and enjoy going to the gym.   Thank you for reading my Bio and I look forward to talking to you!

rajan pic.jpg

Rajan Uppal

Plastic Surgeon

Aside from being a vital asset to the Uppal Plastic Surgery team, Rajan is among the nicest, most gentle people you’ll ever encounter. We lost count of the patients who get surgery at Uppal Plastic Surgery and end up sending a gift to our loveable doctor afterwards - which says it all really!

Uppal Plastic Surgery

rajan uppal team
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