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Frequently Asked Questions

Nose surgery recovery

Nose swelling is a feature that happens to all patients having nose surgery. This is normal and always improves. This can obscure the final result and so patience is needed. There is no way to accelerate the reduction in swelling but we do advise you to use cool packs and moisturising cream. In time, the swelling will resolve for sure. However, it can be a stressful and emotional time while we wait for the swelling and bruising to resolve. Please use moisturising cream and gentle finger pressure to reduce swelling that is uneven on the nose.

“I don’t want my nose to look fake”

This is the most common statement that Mr Uppal hears from his patients. We ensure that your nose will not look fake; nor operated. We believe that nobody should notice your nose after surgery. That’s why Mr Uppal places great emphasis on avoiding the “ski-jump” look or the “Los Angeles” look which results in a triangular nose. Mr Uppal will tailor make your nose surgery to suit your face. Mr Uppal also specialises in corrective surgery if you are not happy with nose surgery in the past. See example below of too much taken away from nose – this makes the end of the nose look longer or like “Pinocchio”.as visual examples. Go over what you’ve written to make sure that if it was the first time you were visiting the site, you’d understand your answer.

“I want to feel better about myself”

We take great care in looking after your mental health and ensuring that you do not feel down about plastic surgery. All reputable surgeons will recommend that you see a counselor or therapist if you want to discuss your body image or for any issues. Please click here for more info from the Mental Health Foundation.

Can frown lines be reduced during nose surgery?

Yes. Mr Uppal has developed a technique to reduce the effect of the tiny muscles at the top of the nose that create a frown. Most patients use non-surgical injections in this area to remove a frown that can make one look angry or tired. Ask Mr Uppal about this so that he can reduce your frown at the same time as your nose surgery.

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